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Microsoft’s Bag of Goodies: New IPs, Slim Xbox 360?

Microsoft’s planning to reveal a whole bunch of goodies for Xbox 360 loyalists. Here is a brief lowdown on the stuff that Microsoft is planning to reveal by the end of 2008 and early 2009.

Slimmer Xbox 360 and new peripherals: The pictures that were released a day or two ago might have been fake, but Microsoft is indeed looking to cut on the size of the bulky Xbox 360. A detailed announcement of both the slimmer Xbox 360 and the list of peripherals accompanying it (perhaps a bigger hard drive) are going to take place right before Christmas 2008 to scourge on the holiday sprit.

Microsoft Game Studios: They have at least three new IP’s in development (barring Halo) and new developers working on these projects. These games shall be revealed by March 2009, presumably at the Game Developers Conference held in February.

The next unannounced game in the Halo universe will NOT star Master Chief.

Indian gamers are going to have a treat like they had for Halo 3 last year, by witnessing and getting hands on experience on the retail versions of both Fable 2 and Gears of War 2 a week before their official launch. Keep those chainsaw’s revving, because the limited edition is also on its way to India. The only gripe, explaining the concept of 3.5 feet chainsaw as being a part of a videogame to the customs department.

There is a new bundle for the Xbox 360 hitting the Indian markets sometime around October, priced at Rs.14,990 (+ taxes). The bundle is expected to include, a Core system, a wireless controller, a 20GB hard drive and 2 games along with namely, Viva Pinata and Forza 2.

Looks like Microsoft’s got a brand new bag and the Indian gaming market seems to be on top of their priority lists.


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