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Top 10 Reasons to Buy an Xbox 360

No truer words were spoken since Mel Gibson’s Braveheart wooed people into wearing kilts and tossing giant stones at parties. And if we, IGN, must unite the clans, so be it. The time has come. After hearing about the Xbox 360 for months now and wondering what will be good, bad or ugly, the system finally arrives today. Where do you stand? Buying? Not buying? Chickening out? Afraid to jump into the future? Remember what William Wallace said: “If we join, we can win.”

Whether you know it or not, it’s time for war. Microsoft has thrown the first salvo, and it’s the Xbox 360, a multimedia, super-powerful console that is about to stoke the fire of the next generation — not Sony’s vaporware-sucking-boomerang-fax-machine monstrosity. Where are the vents? When is it actually coming out? Is that boomerang controller for real? How expensive will it be? So many good questions left unanswered. Why in the world would you want to wait for a PS3? There are few good reason, but certainly not 10 good ones. Why buy an Xbox 360? It’s obvious man! To change the tides of the war, I tell you! To make history! To rip the throne out from the fat cats over at Sony and bring choice, flexibility, customization and great online gaming to the masses. Why buy an Xbox 360? William Wallace said it best — For “FREEEEEEEDOOMMMM!”


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