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Most Anticipated in 2008: Xbox 360

Most Anticipated in 2008: Xbox 360

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 had a banner year in 2007, coming out on top of the competition with the best quality-to-quantity ratio of releases over the course of the 12 months. Of course, it’s 2008 now and the recent success means little. Gamers aren’t a short-sighted bunch, they just don’t like living in the past (unless it’s “retro” that is). It’s not a question of what you’ve done for them lately but rather a question of what you’re going to do for them in one month, three months, nine months down the road. How then will Microsoft fend off the cheap-ass sniper rifles, grenade launchers and camping n00bs in the massive King of the Hill match that is 2008’s entry in the ongoing Console Wars? With exclusives of course!

Yes, yes… Grand Theft Auto IV is a full-on cross-platform title. However, the way things currently stand, announced episodic DLC for the game is exclusive to the Xbox 360. Were this a mere clothing or weapons pack, Rockstar’s next urban magnum opus would have ended up back in the pile of multi-platform releases. However, the DLC’s reported 10 additional hours of gameplay ought to be enough to convince any gamer that the Xbox 360 will serve as Liberty City’s best tour guide this Spring

There’s a reason Lionhead Studios’ Fable 2 appears behind others on this list.  Two, actually.  One:  Lionhead founder Peter Molyneux may be a brilliant and talented video game developer, but he’s also notorious for making overly ambitious promises which don’t always pan out (coughFablecough).  Two:  are we certain that Fable 2 is even going to arrive this year?  Really, with a murky “late 2008” release date currently set, fans ought to prepare for the worst if the original Fable’s four-year, much-delayed development process is any indication.


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